As a condition of my becoming a Jungshin Fitness ® Certified Instructor by Jungshin Fitness of 730 Gonzales drive, San Francisco California 94132 or any of its current or future subsidiaries, affiliates, successors or assigns (collectively, the "Company"), and in consideration of my relationship with the Company and my receipt of the Jungshin Fitness® Licensing agreement and waiver (both of which I signed prior to my training), I agree that my subscription to this site is ONLY for me and the content of this site is not to be shared with NON-CERTIFIED instructors. I also acknowledge that in keeping up my subscription, I uphold all the Jungshin Fitness® certified standards for me and my certification ONLY. My subscription to the Jungshin Fitness® Instructor Portal assures my continued certification to the Jungshin Fitness system in whichever flow I have been officially certified in. I also agree not to copy, download, or share any of the contents of this site unless I have written approval from Annika Kahn c/o Jungshin Fitness®.

Jungshin Fitness Course License Agreement 

Teacher Training Waiver